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You might have lost or won the last project you bid on. But the competition is always tough and you may have to give the next proposal some serious thought when it came to price, technology or listing past references. Mark Design, with its unique business model, is able to offer its services so as to make you more competitive. We can do the design/development for you and manage the full project

Advantages of working with us are:

Fixed Cost and Time Turnaround on all graphic design projects, so that you avoid any cost blowouts.

Access to a large, dedicated team with vast experience -
It`s like you own a dedicated team of professional Inhouse designer without spending a lot of time and research to train.

Quality Management Process
All the processes are meant for improving the quality of our deliverables. Continuous improvement will occur through a feedback mechanism and through analysis. Process definition and maintenance includes the following steps: Processes are defined based on currently followed procedures Defined processes are reviewed for compliance with ISO standards reviewed and approved processes are implemented across all projects Formal feedback is obtained at regular intervals Feedback is analyzed, selected and absorbed into the processes, and the process undergoes modification.

Processes have been defined for major project activities and support procedures. These processes impart certain knowledge and consistency across all projects, which ensure that quality of deliverables is superior, consistent, predictable, defined, managed and optimized.

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