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One of the first web design firm in Indonesia

It is a result of persistency and consistency that has made Mark Design a reputable trusted company since 2003. The serious attention given to each services, especially website design and development has positioned Mark Design as benchmark in the web development industry.

We are an award winning website design company that starts small from Surabaya. Mark Design has been collecting trusts and long-term relationships with clients nationwide and internationally since its’ first un-official establishment in 1998 (more than 1500 clients and counting).

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We start small and we gain trust and slowly but steady became bigger and better to serve our customers. We start the journey in the creative business with baby steps, but through our dedication and consistent service in the web design & development, slowly we are being encouraged by our clients and partners to broaden our scope of business to branding & graphic design, photography and now we also do the signs & advertisement works which supported by our own advertising workshop. Mark Design now has become one of the biggest player in the industry covering all modern promotional needs under one roof.

With trusts that came from some of Indonesia‘s top 100 company, we have proven that we got what it takes to deliver winning designs and results that satisfies the up-market. We set the crucial services of the creative business to be under one roof so we can better serve our clients and therefore resulting a better harmony to all the works that we produced.

As a leader in branding design, web design, website development, and social media marketing Mark Design is committed to bring the best out from all our customers. On working for each project, we embed the value that came from our life philosophy in every little thing that we do, the philosophy is:

“Success is when our customer achieve their goals...”

About Web design surabaya, web development surabaya jakarta

Our business is successfull when our has client succeed to reach their goals. There are no big or small in our dictionary, every little business has to be succesfull and we have to make it work. It’s been on our blood and our standard operating procedure, that all our customer will get:

About Web design surabaya, web development surabaya jakarta
In Depth Business Analysis
and Recommendation
About Web design surabaya, web development surabaya jakarta
Intuitive Design That Is
Up-to-date and Contemporary
About Web design surabaya, web development surabaya jakarta
Pro-Active Initiative
To Ensure Timely Progress

To become the leading web development and creative agency not only in Surabaya and Jakarta, but covering nearby countries and worldwide.

To spread awareness from the work that we did and to market our business through satisfactory referral.

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