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30 January 2021


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Jiipe Industrial Area Area That Must Be Maintly Cleaned (Part 2)


Of course, all areas in the Jiipe industrial area must be cleared. But there are certain tick spots which are more vulnerable to gathering viruses and bacteria. Especially in the midst of the current Pandemic pandemic, areas in the Jiipe industrial area, should be more devoted to cleanliness.

6) R&D area

The R&D (research and development) area of the Jiipe industrial area is an area that is no less important to always be kept clean. Especially if the R&D activities carried out involve chemicals and organic materials to create high quality products. These materials are highly susceptible to contamination if the rooms in an industrial area are not cleaned regularly.

7) Cold storage room

For certain materials and products special storage space is needed in industrial areas with temperatures maintained at low levels. Especially in the middle of the corona virus pandemic today. Where the virus is better able to survive in cold air, the Jiipe industrial area more often do the cleaning in this area.

8) Toilet

Toilets in the Jiipe industrial area are very important sanitation facilities to be kept clean. Because toilets are more often visited by employees of industrial estates, making viruses and bacteria easily move from one person to another. So, Jiipe industrial area will optimize the cleanliness of toilets for the health of employees of the industrial area.

9) Rest area

For workers who have worked hard, of course, the Jiipe industrial area has a special place to rest. For example a canteen or cafeteria that can be used as a place to eat lunch, or a special room for workers who want to smoke. The areas in the Jiipe industrial area must also be cleared because they are part of the industrial area and become a place for workers’ activities.

10) Area outside the factory

Not only the area within the factory, the area outside the industrial area must also be cleaned. For example in the area of the stairs, the entrance area, and also the area of loading goods. Especially in the midst of the current corona virus pandemic, the cleanliness of the industrial area must be very, very well maintained, even starting from outside the area and the entrance to the Jiipe industrial area.

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