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Building Corporate Image in the Digital Age


Building a company image in this digital era is actually not far away from branding activities. All the bad impressions about the company, no matter the source, must lead to brand reputation. So if you want to build a corporate image, always start or focus on the brand first.

Many companies are still equating the image with awareness. Though awareness is just the beginning of an image. Building an image takes a lot longer than creating awareness. This is why companies whose awareness is still low, very difficult and even impossible to bear a good corporate image.

If someone mentions a company's name or brand, it will instantly trigger a picture or perception in the mind of the person as well as everyone who hears it. Their subconscious will directly analogize everything, bad or good, about the company's name.

This perception will continually change with the situation/market developments, all media coverage, the appearance of the company, announcements, news, and many other things. All of this will shape the so-called corporate reputation in various market locations.

Image Not Sure Real

Unlike the case with corporate identity, or true corporate identity, the image of a company can change even overnight. The image of the company can turn around in an instant; from bad to good, or vice versa.

Just as the company's reputation, of course, depends on the image of the company itself in the minds of consumers, it is often not a true reflection of the facts or the identity of a company. Many large companies use various strategies ranging from advertising strategies to enhance brand or company image, in order to attract not only customers, but also suppliers, shareholders, distributors, and others.

Image Apple computer company, for example, is a very successful computer business that is able to pass through various phases of technological development with various innovations for 30 years more, not necessarily the same as the fact or corporate identity and image in the minds of other customer segments.

Apple's highly qualified and innovative product image may be perceived differently in other consumer segments, such as very high prices, very high exclusivity, limited connectivity with devices or other technologies, high maintenance costs, and other perceptions.

The corporate image was just a jargon in advertising. But increasingly entering this digital age, corporate image increasingly sucks the concerns of many people because the relationship is very closely with the reputation of a brand/company.

Spreading the information more easily and quickly can be a booster for the reputation of the brand, as well as backfire if there are negative issues with regard to the company. A good corporate image is increasingly a valuable asset for a company, which can be "translated" into a high-profit share or valuation of a company's stock.

Always Start and Focus on Brand

The concept of building corporate image is often only linked to large-scale companies. Though small companies are important to have a positive image because the gap between large and small companies increasingly not felt in the digital era today. Often we hear new companies or smaller companies are quickly able to "shake" the position of larger companies.

In fact, small companies can quickly dart position if able to maintain the image of the company well. Moreover, if the company is still in small or concise, keeping the image is often felt easier. Corporate image is how a brand or company is perceived in the market, regardless of its size or size.

In the digital era, the management of a company can more easily form a corporate image through communication, selection, and promotion. Symbols and publications can be used. But whatever the strategies and activities, must still start and focus on brand building. Because in this digital age, the role of brand reputation becomes even more important.

This is because all the images and various factors that accompany it such as reputation or perception, will refer to and lead to the brand itself. Brand as a symbol, color, name, will easily help shape the perception and image of a company. If the company is in competition, the brand can help. Brands can also represent the company at every touch points where the company interacts directly or indirectly with its customers.

One way that you can take to build the image is to create a website as your media campaign in the digital world. No need to be confused, Mark Design Surabaya can be a reference in looking for website creation services. Please visit our website for more information.

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