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10 Common Mistakes in Managing a Business Website


The website becomes one of the ideal platforms for expanding business and reaching a wider customer base. Having a website is a great way to showcase your business and interact with customers.

A good website can not only turn visitors into customers, but also increase customer loyalty by building an emotional connection. However, keep in mind that there are pitfalls to watch out for that can negatively impact your website's presence.

Verisign, a domain and internet security company, lists 10 mistakes often made by web owners, which can make visitors uncomfortable. Here is a list of 10 common mistakes that are often done, along with tips for small business owners to avoid these pitfalls.

1.Long Page

The written word remains important, but when it comes to your website, a little bit of text will be better. When customers visit your website, they want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Having a page full of text will make more customers turn away than be interested in your website.

2. Not Consider Site Access Using Mobile

Access from mobile devices currently accounts for 33 percent of online shopping revenue in Indonesia and this will only become increasingly important. This means that in order to create an optimal experience for users, you should imagine your site will be accessible via mobile devices at the site design stage. So things can be better anticipated, such as minimizing drop down menus, optimizing page sizes and creating diverse experiences for users.

3. Do Not Care About Copyright Protection

The website is yours and so is everything written in it. Make sure you keep it that way. If you do not want your content stolen then make sure you have a statement that the copyright of the content on your site belongs to you - make sure this statement is visible and always updated.

4. Not Marketing The Site

You have a fantastic, well designed, and interesting website. Then what's the problem? No one knows about the website! You need to market your website to attract traffic to that website. You may have the most interesting content in the world, but if no one can find it then the website is the same as a site with no content at all.

5. Play Video/Sound Automatically

When internet users enter the website, they do not want to be surprised by the blaring voice of their speakers. By all means, use digital content (see first point), but leave it to the user if they want to watch it. If not, they will stop as soon as they arrive.

6. Ads Popup (pop up) That Appears Continuously

No one likes pop-up ads. Although revenue is greater because extra advertising looks tempting, the possibility of losing more customers is likely to damage your credibility.

7. Irrelevant Content

Remember that a bit may have more value because it's important. A website is your useful property to inform customers about your business and products. It does not have to be funny anecdotes or show off the weather forecast for next week. The more irrelevant the content of your website, the weaker the message from your brand.

8. Using A Free Hosting Account

As a business owner of course you always think about the cost. However, web domains are financially not a huge investment, and when you register it, no one can take over as long as you update it.

If you use a free hosting account, your account can be downgraded anytime and often you can not do much to prevent this from happening. Thus, you could lose your website or your customers.

9. Not knowing who your Site sitors Are

Websites are just the beginning of a journey for your customers, even if they do not buy anything from you, but for you this initial step is still valuable. Give incentives that will encourage them to find more information, discounts, updates, and more.

That way, you will have customer details and resume relationships with your customers once they leave your site.

10. Minimal visual content

Do not make your website a plain webpage, make it a visual and compelling web page. Visitors often do not want to be on your site for a long time, but if you have videos, images or infographics, you can get your message quickly and clearly.

Mark Design Surabaya Jakarta can realize a dream website that will attract visitors with interesting designs and concepts. With experience that has made hundreds of websites from various companies and individuals, Mark Design can be an option as your digital industry agency. Visit our website to find out our profile further.

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