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Factors That Make up A Brand


The concept of branding is often a puzzling subject, even many experienced marketing players do not understand it properly. What is a brand? What is branding? both terms seem like simple questions, but the answer is not so. If you just made confused by your brand, then your customers would be confused also by him. The next action you can take is to waste time and money by developing a weak brand.

To help overcome the confusion about branding, in this article will explain the 5 factors that make up a brand so you can apply the tips provided to ensure that your brand is on the right track.

1. Brand Promise

In essence, the brand is a promise to the consumer. What will consumers get when they buy a product or service under the umbrella of your brand?

Example: Think about your favorite brand and what it promises to you. If you're a fan of Nike, this brand may represent athleticism, performance, strength, good health, and fun. Is your brand promising something to consumers?

2. Brand Perception

Brand is built by consumers, in his mind, not by the company. Ultimately, this is the way in which consumers perceive a brand that represents itself. Actually, it does not matter what promise you make about your brand, because more important is how your customers feel your brand. You need to do activities to develop consumer perceptions that accurately reflect your brand, or your brand will eventually stuck and eventually be forgotten.

Example: What is the perception of Indomie consumers? You can have the perception that all Indomie brand activities are meant to create consumers' specific perceptions to be appetizing at every opportunity.

3. Brand Expectations

Based on the promise of your brand, consumers develop a lot of hope for your brand. When they spend hard money on their pockets and buy your products or services, they assume that their expectations will match your brand. If that does not happen in any of their interactions with your brand then consumers will feel confused by your brand and throw it away while looking for another brand that matches their expectations in every interaction.

Example: Imagine if KFC launches Gado-Gado product. At least we say, consumers will feel very confused because a product that does not match their expectations of a brand so far.

4. Brand Personality

Instead of asking "What is a brand?" It might be better to ask, "Who is a brand?" Every brand has a personality or character. Think of your brand as a person. What kind of person is he? What can you expect when interacting with that person? From appearance to personality and everything in between, your brand personality is one that will be judged and considered by consumers before they do business with you.

Example: Think of it like this. Who do you prefer to spend time with - Apple or Microsoft -? Both have very different brand personality. Your brand should have it too.

5. Brand Elements

Your brand is represented by invisible elements as described above and represented by visible elements such as logos, slogans, packaging, etc. All of these elements must work together to consistently communicate the promise of your brand, shaping brand perceptions, matching brand expectations, and defining your brand personality. If one just wrong then all parts of your brand will collapse. Do not let you use the slogan "healthy food" if it is found unhealthy food on the product you sell, for example.

It should be underlined, brand must be clear, reliable, and trustworthy by your customers and employees. However, a brand is not built in one night. Before you can describe and live your brand, you need to do some research so you do not waste time bringing your brand in a direction that will not drive you to your destination. You have to understand your competitors and audience, so you can create a brand that promises things to match. Research should be done first, then analysis, strategy, and execution must follow, and over time, your brand will grow.

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