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Toshiba AC Jakarta Profile Photography


To bring professional images to their website and company profile images to its clients, Toshiba AC asked Chendra Cahyadi to photograph the whole facility of the factory. From the production process to the quality control process, everything were taken to show the professionalism and high quality product produced from the company.

Chendra Cahyadi photography. took the profile photography of Toshiba AC at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Web Chendra Cahyadi photography. Jakarta Surabaya Bali designed and build by web design Jakarta Surabaya Mark Design Indonesia.

The range of service provided by Chendra Cahyadi as a photographer are Hotel & Resort Photography Jakarta, Hotel & Resort Surabaya, Hotel & Resort Bali. Chendra Cahyadi as a Hotel & Resort Photographer, is also specialised on Food and Beverage photography, Interior Photography, Profile Photography, and Architecture Photography. (Chendra Cahyadi melayani pekerjaan sebagai Jakarta Food Photographer, Surabaya Food Photographer, Fotografer Hotel Bali Jakarta Semarang Solo Jogjakarta, Fotografer Makanan Bali Jakarta Semarang Solo Jogjakarta, Fotografer Interior Bali Jakarta Semarang Solo Jogjakarta, Fotografer Arsitektural Bali Jakarta Semarang Solo Jogjakarta, Fotografer Profile Bali Jakarta Semarang Solo Jogjakarta).

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