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Digital Strategy Building Images


The digital strategy of building a corporate image includes components such as websites, search engine (SEO) management for brands, content for mobile, social media management, easy-to-share rich media creation, e-commerce management, and management of blast e-mail for e-mail marketing purposes.

Content here is very important, because interesting content will greatly affect how this content will be communicated, promoted, consumed, ingested, to how the content will be shared by customers to their peers. With a powerful content creation and processing strategy, a brand can quickly engrave a positive image in the minds of customers, even before the transaction.

In addition to the process of building corporate image digitally, we also always start from the consumer / customer. Companies do so with consideration of many factors, ranging from age to income to estimate the frequency of their purchase. All that can be an opportunity or challenge that must be identified through digital technology so that companies can advance awareness first.

Companies also need to know the channels or media commonly used by customers. Demographic analysis can provide guidance to the company. It's important to know what your customers are looking for digitally, what devices they use, what network or social media they choose, the sites / apps they use often, and how often.

In the past offline, brand relationships with customers have been able to provide good or bad experience. For example, in the retail industry, a customer can call to find out when the outlet hours, where the outlet location, visit and park directly at the location, using elevators or other facilities, get help directly from staff, make the payment process. After that, customers can also return the product if it is not suitable and still in accordance with the rules applicable by the company, get feedback from the company, and others.

Now in the digital age of online, all these processes must still be done but with different accessibility. Various activities can be done online. Even a transaction can take place fully online. All this can provide an entirely new shopping experience. Of all these processes, if all the customer experience is positive, then the company image will be good in the minds of its customers.

So, building a corporate image in the digital era is indeed still begins with the brand, ending with the brand, while focusing consideration always from the customer. Simply put, it is always the effort to get customers to connect with brands instantly, so it can always trigger interest, curiosity, and desire to buy from customers.

Do not forget also in the digital era, all that pertains to "naming" is important. This is because naming is very influential when customers search for information about companies or brands via online. A name that is easy to know and understand is very important. From reading names alone, a person can already have his own perception. A memorable and pleasant name will bring it to the next level.

Over time, in the minds of customers will be engraved an image, image, description, perception, which will represent all the experience they have received from a company and brand. Once again, this perception is very important because it will lead to profit and the amount of sales provided by the customers. proved able to meet all the needs and interests of an increasingly diverse client. Businesses that are pioneered and managed through the website become more advanced and directed. The concept is also stronger in the interests of the client. Only from a website can penetrate the various restrictions that previously crossed the business network mapping. And it will be completely achieved from a seriously designed website along with the exceptional management of experts.

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