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30 January 2021


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Jiipe Industrial Area Area That Must Be Maintly Cleaned (Part 1)


Of course, all areas in the Jiipe industrial area must be cleared. But there are certain tick spots which are more vulnerable to gathering viruses and bacteria. Especially in the midst of the current Pandemic pandemic, areas in the Jiipe industrial area, should be more devoted to cleanliness.

1) Work or production area

The production area of the Jiipe industrial area is the main area where production activities involve machinery, production equipment, and various raw materials. Moreover, the industrial estate area, is the core area where employees work in the Jiipe industrial area. Jiipe industrial area will prioritize cleanliness in these places for the health and safety of employees working in the industrial area.

2) Warehouse

The warehouse in the Jiipe industrial area is an area where storage of finished products has not been distributed or to store materials that will be used for production. Jiipe industrial area prioritizes cleanliness there, in order to maintain the quality of production results up to the hands of consumers.

3) Walls, ceilings and floors

When cleaning a priority area in an industrial area, not only the floor is a concern, but also the walls and ceiling must be cleaned. This is because the walls and ceiling can be contaminated with dust, dirt, oil, burning ash, and others. The industrial estate will not miss to clean the area so that the health of employees in the Jiipe industrial area is maintained.

4) Production material preparation area

In factories in the Jiipe industrial area that use wet or organic materials to make their products, there will be a risk of contamination of organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and even germs and viruses that can grow from these organic materials. Especially in the midst of the corona virus pandemic at this time, the Jiipe industrial area will more than times keep clean in that place.

5) Office area

The office area in the Jiipe industrial area that is used for management is also a place that must be cleaned. The office area is a reception area, many people take turns to go in and out, so the Jiipe industrial area office area must also be kept clean.

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