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12 October 2023


Chlorine for Water Treatment in Surabaya


Water used for household needs must go through clinical trials first to ensure its safety. In addition, the use of chlorine can also be the right choice for the availability of clean water. In Surabaya, clean water needs can be produced by providing quality and safe chlorine.

Perdana Chemindo Perkasa offers high quality water purification chlorine chemicals. We recognise the importance of effective and safe water treatment for industries and the general public in Surabaya. With Perdana Chemindo Perkasa's chlorine chemicals available, people in Surabaya can have clear water for their needs. Perdana Chemindo Perkasa strives to provide Surabaya's best water treatment solutions by using high-quality chemicals. As such, the company is instrumental in maintaining safe water quality and ensuring its safe use in various industries and the general public in Surabaya.

What are you waiting for? If you need chemicals such as resin, chempoglass, fibreglass, phosphorus strontium, chlorine, alum, aluminum sulfate, carbon fiber, and other chemicals, get them immediately at PT Perdana Chemindo Perkasa via email or whatsapp. PT Perdana Chemindo Perkasa is one of the company that sell fibreglass materials in Surabaya

Perdana Chemindo Perkasa has its head office in Surabaya, but can reach all purchase requests to all regions in Indonesia. Surabaya Fiber Material Store, Kendari Fiber Material Store, Bau-Bau Fiber Material Store, Ambon Fiber Material Store, Maluku Fiber Material Store, Bitung Fiber Material Store, Manado Fiber Material Store, Palu Fiber Material Store, Jayapura Fiber Material Store, Bali Fiber Material Store, Maumere Fiber Material Store, Kupang Fiber Material Store, Atambua Fiber Material Store, Timika Fiber Material Store, Papua Fiber Material Store, Tarakan Fiber Material Store, Makassar Fiber Material Store, Flores Fiber Material Store, Malang Fiber Material Store, Lombok Fiber Material Store, Sumbawa Fiber Material Store, Tual Fiber Material Store.

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