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01 February 2018


Website Design

Types of Websites You Need to Know!


In recent years, cyberspace has experienced a very rapid growth. In Indonesia itself now all the information began to be transferred to the digital system through this website media. Perhaps many think that all websites are the same. But do you know that the website has several types?

To make it easy to decide what type of website you need here is some information about the types of websites that you can choose to integrate as needed.

1.Search Engine

Search Engine or search engine is a type of website that collects website data and information from various websites on the internet into the database, which then solid show based on keyword (keywords) search by the user. Some examples of search engine type websites are Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and so forth.

2. Directory

Website type 'Directory' This presents data information on specific things, such as data restaurant addresses in various cities and so forth. The picture of this type of website is more or less like Yellowpages, but it is not strict only on searching place or company but also can field / other things, for example like website

3. Portal

As the name implies, the portal, this type of website is the 'gateway' to the source of information or other sites. It can be said that the character is similar to the search engine/search engine but in the portal website, the information from other sites is arranged in such a way to be presented with more interesting and informative. When visitors/users are interested to know complete information, users will be redirected to the original source. But nowadays in general portal websites not only display information from outside sources, sometimes they also display information in their own website and generally large portal websites also provide other services, such as emails, forums, even have search engines and others. Some examples of web portals include Yahoo, MSN, and so on.

4. Wiki

Type of wiki website is a website that contains information about certain things (people, objects, events, terms, and others) where visitors are allowed to participate in writing and editing the information with reference to certain rules they set. Each website characterized by this wiki, of course, have different rules. Although visitors can write) and edit information on the website, there is a group of people on duty to check whether the content is true or not. Although this type of wiki website is often a source of reference but not all of the available information can be trusted entirely. The most popular example of this type of wiki website is

5. Social Media (Social Network)

Currently, we are familiar with the term Social Media, social media this type of website is a website that accommodates members or members to form a community both small and large scale/global wherein the website the members can communicate and interact with each other. In the social media website, members establish friendships to be able to interact further.

Often social media websites referred to as a friendship site. We know Facebook, Twitter, and so on are very popular. Some social media sites also come with specific themes, such as location sharing, photography, such as Foursquare, Instagram and so forth.

6. File / Media Storage & Sharing
This type of website is a website that provides a service where we can store files, photos or media by uploading to the website and some services like this also have a function to share files or media. Maybe now we have often heard the term 'Cloud', such as iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive which has the ability to sync with computers device or mobile devices and sites such as Media Fire, 4Shared and so forth. These websites are examples of file type/media storage & sharing websites. So also with video or photo sharing websites, such as YouTube, Flickr, and so forth, entered into the category of websites of this type.

7. E-Commerce

Website or online store site, online catalog, and that resembles, it is a type of E-Commerce website. Have a goal to 'sell' online. Examples of E-Commerce sites are JakartaNotebook, Lazada, Open Lapak, and so forth.

8. E-Learning

Type of website E-Learning is a website that provides learning services or online lectures. Many areas of subject matter are presented. Generally, these types of websites provide paid services although there are some who provide for free. E-Learning website is usually similar to school character, we can learn by reading writing materials or through audiovisual even with interactive media, there are features for exercise, regular test, and final test. E-Learning website also usually provide 'Certificate' for members who have completed and pass the test lesson/material that followed.

9. Blog

Blogging, a few years ago became a trend in the Internet world before the hectic Social Media service. Type of website Blog is a kind of website in the form of a journal or diary online. Usually used to devote thoughts and opinions, activities, or general information. On the blog type website, the articles in it are usually accompanied by comments column, where visitors can comment or discuss what is written. Some websites or blogs that provide popular blogging services such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and so forth.

10. Company Profile / Corporate Website

A Website with Company Profile or Corporate Website type is a website that displays the profile of a company including product or service information, a company's portfolio up to client list information. Lately many corporate websites can be said to be no longer just a 'company profile' but have grown with the addition of features such as articles about news or information of the company's activities, even discussion forums, and all these additions cannot be separated from the goal namely to introduce companies and businesses that run through the internet.

11. Personal Website

If Company Profile or Corporate Website is an online storefront for the company, the Personal Website also has the same objective as an online 'storefront', usually only the content is more personal. The initial goal of this personal website is to be used as a medium of communication with friends or visitors of the website with through writing and media on the website content. Lately, Personal Website more often identified with Blog, which is in the form of a journal.

Similarly, several types of websites are developing to date. In practice in the field, a website can have more than one type of website, for example, a website that type Company Profiles but also equipped or have also part/page for online sales that include the type of E-Commerce. Or a website with a type of E-Commerce that also opens a Forum segment for members as their support means.

Whatever type of website you need for both personal and business purposes, entrust to Mark Design Jakarta Surabaya that can help you realize the dream website. Mark Design as an agent in the making of the website has been trusted by various leading companies, such as Precise Shoes, Real food, UFO Electronics and much more. Visit our website for more information.

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