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01 February 2018


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Portfolio Mark Design "House of David" Website


House of David is one of our clients that specializes in beauty services. The pioneering couple is David Ponda Tengker & Lily Tengker. The first house of David was born in WR Supratman, Central Surabaya, as a top class professional hairdresser and makeup service. This elegant style is supported by the salon atmosphere that exudes a luxurious sensation, where the elegant beauty socializes. David & Lily incorporate their inspiration into every specialist in the House of David to become one of the first professional beauty companies.

They then refine their skills and introduce their creativity to the public. Without reducing their quality and consistency, House of David extends to Bali and encompasses not only in hairstyle or makeup services but also in the spa field. A few years later, House of David has evolved into Waterplace de Residence in West Surabaya.

By bringing genuine inspiration to empower everyone to look beautiful and confident every day, House of David Waterplace has evolved into one where successful executives are looking for a place to help boost their confidence.

Website created in 2015 elegant shades with a blend of cream and black, identifying that House of David is one of the professional salon nan classy.

This website is equipped with News & Articles containing the latest news or information related to the beauty and promo - promo provided. With this space is expected to keep customers updated information related to beauty and House of David.

Since its founding in 1998, Mark Design as a creative industry agency has persistence and consistency strives to have a good reputation for serving Customer to get the desired goals.

Mark Design established in Surabaya has been trusted by clients both nationally and internationally as well as from some of the Top 100 companies in Indonesia. This proves that Mark Design Surabaya can provide the best service in every cooperation made to create a media campaign either in the form of Website creation or in other forms of design.

Mark Design Jakarta Surabaya as a web design and branding service company like a logo, Brand Design, Signage Design, Photography & Videography is ready to assist you in realizing your promotion media in the form of product or service. For more info, you can visit our website

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