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02 February 2018


Website Design

Portfolio Mark Design "PT Badja Karya Technik" Website


PT Badja Karya Technik is a client of Mark Design subsequently engaged in general trading business in Surabaya in the construction industry, especially in the field of fittings, valves, complementary products such as Gasket, Flange, Electric Motor, Klingrit and Sicoma Mixer. PT Badja Karya Technik Surabaya started in the early 80s as a small business in general trading for hardware / technical equipment. From time to time until now, PT Badja Karya Technik Surabaya has been trusted to be the official sole agent of SICOMA mixer in Indonesia, coupled with the increasing number of customers using this SICOMA product. PT Badja Karya Technik is committed to providing reliable services with guaranteed quality and assurance of availability for all hardware, mechanical engineering, as well as sole national sole agent for SICOMA mixer in Indonesia.

The company is located in the area of heavy equipment store in Surabaya, Jl. Raden Saleh No. 36 - 38 is still faithfully serving the needs of customers, both retail and projects, and has reached a broader market, especially for the distribution of Mixer SICOMA to several major cities in Central Java and East Java (Jakarta, Malang, Sidoarjo, Bali, Gresik, Banyuwangi, Kediri, Madiun, Semarang, Yogyakarta), as well as other islands (Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Papua).

PT Badja Karya Technik which has 3 principles of a company that is, Perseverance in serving customer, completeness of product required by customer, and highest comfort to customer in choosing this product need a media campaign that can reach its customer easily, especially in digital industry. Therefore selected website as a media that is useful as a means company profile to explain the company's identity information. is a website created by Mark Design at the request of PT Badja Karya Technik November 2017 ago. Badja Karya Technik requires standard e-commerce features, new branding and also a feature to be able to directly connect to corporate email through the website page.

Therefore, Mark Design complements Badja Karya Technik website with product catalog for customer shopping purposes and also with information about related products. To demonstrate its achievements, Badja Karya Technik listed the international standard certificates they obtained as well as information about partners who have been working with Badja Karya Technik.

Mark Design Surabaya since 1998 establishment until now, as creative industry agency has persistence result and consistency, trying to have a good reputation for serving Customer to get the desired goal.

Mark Design established in Surabaya has been trusted by clients both nationally and internationally as well as from some of the Top 100 companies in Indonesia. This proves that Mark Design Surabayacan provide the best service in every cooperation made to create a media campaign either in the form of website creation or in another design form.

Mark Design Jakarta Surabaya as a web design and branding services company such as logo, Brand Design, Signage Design, Photography & Videography are ready to assist you in realizing your promotional media in the form of product or service. For more info, you can visit our website

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